EDEN webinar series: Education in time of a new normal

After the swift spread of the COVD-19 pandemic this spring, we were faced with both a physical lockdown and with education having to move fully online. Summer brought some relief and the sense that things could potentially go back to as they were before. However, as autumn arrives, the pandemic is again spreading and showing its force. All of us have been working hard to enable teaching and learning online, uniting in our efforts to provide each other with support and ensure a smooth transition in the best way possible. When the pandemic first hit, EDEN promptly responded with the #onlinetogether Education in time of a pandemic initiative , gathering the EDEN and global education community together in order to share, to discuss, and to engage with each other, forming a strong alliance in support of educators  worldwide in their pivot to online learning.

EDEN is now moving forward with a follow-on autumn initiative of webinars. Having overcome the initial impact of the pandemic and having moved beyond immediate crisis management, educational institutions are now taking the time to reflect on the lessons learned, to set new strategies for the future, and to fully prepare for the new school/academic year. Although some continue to hope that students return to classrooms for good, others see the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for educational organisations to implement online teaching and learning systematically and thus offer a better quality of education in this age of the “new normal”